Wovember is GO!

(Robert Bakewell’s Dishley Ram, who heralded the development of modern longwool British breeds)

Hurrah for WOVEMBER the first!

What? You don’t even know what WOVEMBER is? Might we suggest that you take a look at the About page to learn more about WOVEMBER. You may then like to sign the WOVEMBER petition, and enter our WOVEMBER competition to win some fabulous woolly prizes from Jamieson and Smith. Most of all, we hope that you will join us in an enthusiastic celebration of all things WOOLLY throughout the following month.

Please celebrate WOOL in WOVEMBER in whatever way you like, and feel free to place our WOVEMBER button on your blog or site.

This entry was posted by Felicity Ford.

5 thoughts on “Wovember is GO!

  1. This labelling system also exists in all of Europe. The point is, however, that it is still possible to advertise things as “Wool” (e.g. “wool trousers”) in internet shops etc. and the information that the thing in question contains little or no wool is not available in the shop or hidden in the details where it is not obvious. The problem is that searching for “wool trousers” or something the like, you get lots of things that contain no or almost no wool, which is definitely a deception of the customer. And that is no different in Australia or the US…

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