Snow White Blacknoses?

These photos were contributed to the WOVEMBER 2012 competition by Ericka Olsen Stefano… WOVEMBER wonders if they are Snow White Blacknoses, as featured in this documentary film, and what their wool is like? Can anyone enlighten us?

‘I’m sending in three photos of sheep in Switzerland. The unusual looking breed is from the upper Valais, and has been making a comeback’. – Ericka Olsen Stefano

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11 thoughts on “Snow White Blacknoses?

  1. Those look like blacknose (Schwarznasen) sheep to me! They have the characteristic black knees of the breed as well.

    I have heard that their wool is especially good for carpets.

  2. The black nose sheep were featured in ‘Countryfile’ about a month ago. Adam Henson went to see how they were brought down from the mountain. As a spinner and a feltmaker I was fascinated by them and would also love to know more about their fleece!

  3. Hello   the black nosed Valais sheep, also known as Walliser Schwarznasenschaf, are listed in the book / exhibition catalogue Wools of Europe. According to the entry: “The Black-nose breed is fast growing, resistant, undemanding and well adapted to tough mountain conditions because of its loyalty to its location and climbing abilities. Body weight ewes: 70 -90kg; rams: 80 -125kg. Woolstaple length is over 10cm and fibre diameter about 38 microns in animals over 18 months old. It seems that the black-nosed sheep has existed since the 15th century. Today there are 13.7000 flock book registered animals settled mainly in the Wallis and the Berner Oberland regions”. Contact details for two breeders in Switzerland are given as well as examples of felt items made from the wool.   hope this is useful   Deborah Gray  


    • Hello Deborah, Now form our farm, and we would like to by some sheeps.
      Can you give me the contact informations for breeders in private message?
      Thank you!

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