Linda Scurr on Growing Wool…

Linda Scurr will be familiar to anyone who reads YarnMaker, as she has written several pieces for this magazine! If you keep sheep you may also have met Linda at an agricultural show, where she might have asked you for some fleece for an amazing hand-spinning project (of which we shall hear more later in the month). As part of her work with different sheep breeds’ wool, Linda has collected breed society information for 100 different breeds of sheep and has also photographed nearly 90 of these breeds herself… so if WOVEMBER readers are especially keen to see a particular breed of sheep we can certainly request a photo from Linda on your behalf to post up here on the blog. Just leave a comment!

For now we are going to meet some of Linda’s own sheep. Linda has a flock featuring many different breeds; a veritable library of living wool…

I have kept sheep for over 20 years and they have become very addictive. When you start out as a smallholder you have to choose a breed and the harder you look, the more breeds you discover. I have been taking photos of sheep and collecting breed society information for more years than I can remember. Here are a handful.


Wensleydale Lamb


Poll Dorset – one of mine, but this is same breed as used in The Newbury Coat Project

Greyface Dartmoor

Humbug and Trevor – Humbug is a Jacob, Trevor is a Jacob x Poll Dorset lamb

Smile! Patsy and Duffy are Jacob x Poll Dorset lambs. Patsy – the whiter of the two – has blue eyes which is very rare

Manx Loaghtan

Lambert building a snowman… Lambert is three-quarters Wensleydale

All photos © Linda Scurr and used with her kind permission

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7 thoughts on “Linda Scurr on Growing Wool…

  1. i just found your blog…enjoy seeing so many different colors of sheep!!! they are truly a lovely animal!! ^)^ linda

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