Harvesting Wool in pictures, by Lydia Hill

Later on this evening we shall enjoy a very encouraging piece from Lydia Hill of Shearer Girl Yarns designed especially to empower anyone currently considering the possibility of learning to shear sheep. For those of you who have not read Lydia’s articles in Yarnmaker magazine, or who are not subscribed to her blog, we are delighted to introduce you! Lydia has kindly supplied WOVEMBER with a photo essay, showing some of the milestones so far that mark her journey learning to shear sheep. These pictures detail some of the experiences that have given Lydia the knowledge to write tonight’s post and tell a lovely story of learning, labour, and WOOL.

July 2010

One of those rare moments when all is going well.

I started shearing in 2009 but sadly there is no photographic evidence from that time. This is one of my earliest shearing photos.

May 2011

My first sheep of 2011. I managed not to fall over.

Learning why you should not let go.

My first attempt at shearing a Southdown. A shearer’s nightmare because of the facial wool and leg warmers. She has a right to look reproachful.


June 2011

Two years after my first shearing course I finally achieve the Blue Seal Shearing Certificate. It’s only a basic level qualification but I’m as happy as the day I graduated.

June 2011 continued…

My own stand. A stand is a shearer’s work zone, it’s rather like having a chair in a hairdressing salon.

Job satisfaction. A shorn sheep charges back to the flock.

The shorn sheep are happy. The wool sacks are filling up. The view is magnificent. A perfect day. I set a personal best shearing 12 sheep, some of which were Southdowns.


August 2011

Phew! Finished my first ram. He was a perfect gentleman.

February 2012

Learning to shear Angora goats. Like shearing a jelly.


June 2012

My first experience of shearing in public at the South of England Show. Absolutely terrifying.


September 2012

Learning to shear lambs. It’s a long way down and they are very wriggly. Like trying to shear gerbils. Or ferrets.


Thank you for these wonderful pictures, Lydia! All photos and content © Lydia Hill and used with her kind permission. Lydia Hill runs Shearer Girl Yarns. Her blog is Tales From the Sheep Shed. She can be found on Ravelry as shearersgirl and on Twitter as @romneyteg.

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6 thoughts on “Harvesting Wool in pictures, by Lydia Hill

    • I love your photo essay and the whole story it tells from half-shorn sheep running away to the triumphant certificate, to the tiny, fiddly little lamb-shearing photo at the end, and the glorious sheepy barber stand. Thank you so much for sharing this with WOVEMBER!

  1. Dear Lydia, you are a little shiny star and it’s so nice to see you smiling, lovely lovely photo-story. Thank you for shearing!

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