Wovember Words #8

In yesterday’s Wovember Words we talked about kemp. There is a sheep breed however, which doesn’t grow it, all it produces is lovely long locks. I bought some of this amazing wool at the Weald & Downland Rare Breeds Show two years ago, from Jean Muddle (who wrote about Genetics of Colour in Wensleydale Longwool sheep). The little leaflet I got with it, now slightly dog-eared, explains all:

A hat in the making, using Jean Muddle’s Wensleydale yarn, photo by Tom van Deijnen

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11 thoughts on “Wovember Words #8

    • Hi Jennifer, I’m not aware of any shops carrying this particular yarn, but there is an email address on the front of the leaflet, you can see it in the picture. There are, however, various shops that sell yarn made from Wensleydale Longwool. Amongst others, Prick Your Finger in Bethnal Green, London. Good luck with finding some, as it is beautiful yarn! Tom

  1. hoorah, let’s hear it for Wensleydale sheep – especially the black ones! Nor is it just the yarn that’s full of character – the sheep are too! And all of us with black Wensleydales probably have something of Jean Muddle’s stock in there. It’s a small world – and far too small a world for something so gorgeous! If it’s worsted yarns you’re after, like the ones pictured above, then I sell them too – online from http://ystradorganics.co.uk/#/available-now/4569200733. And they are, for definite, a total joy to knit with!

    • julia’s not so far away from london (east sussex if memory serves me right). I’m in rural West Wales – which is well worth a visit in itself! But selling online and overseas, can get yarns to you without you even leaving home!

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