Deb Robson on Harvesting Wool…

Another 9am treat for WOVEMBER wool enthusiasts! This one comes from Deb Robson again, seasoned WOOLISTA and appreciator of our favourite WOVEMBER Fibre! Deb’s words echo the wonderful words of Emily Chamelin and Lydia Hill, and her choice of sheep breed in photo no. 01 sets up this evening’s WOVEMBER post very nicely!

01 – Most sheeps’ wool is harvested by shearing. A skillful shearer removes the fleece quickly and without harming or alarming the animal, as this relaxed Lincoln Longwool ram would attest.

02 – Primitive sheep, like this little Shetland, shed their wool in the spring and it can be gently removed by what is called rooing, or gently pulling it away along a break-line in the fiber. Shears are used just for touch-ups on parts of the fleece that haven’t loosened as much as most of the fiber has.

03 – A freshly shorn fleece, like this one grown by a Border Leicester, holds a lot of appeal for fiber artists. Nonetheless, it does need to be cleaned and processed before most other people will appreciate it.

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