WOOLLY Roundup…

The response to WOVEMBER this year is wonderful; we are so excited to see and hear so much positive talk about WOOL taking place all over the Internet! The list of names on our petition for the proper labelling of textiles grows by the day, and the photo entries for the competition which we are processing as fast as we can, are wonderful! Some extra prizes have also been added to the WOVEMBER photo contest prize-pot, which we thought you would like to know about.

Finisterre have donated a 100% Bowmont Wool Scarf to WOVEMBER to be won by one of YOU by submitting a photo to our competition! Finisterre work with Lesley Prior’s Bowmont Wool which featured on the WOVEMBER blog here, and of which we shall hear more later in the month. Finisterre have also answered WOVEMBER’s questions re: how they are working with WOOL, providing an industrial perspective on developing 100% WOOL products from sheep-to-shopfloor, and this will feature on the WOVEMBER blog later in the month. We are pleased that Finisterre are supporting WOVEMBER, as their approach to working with Lesley and their attention to developing WOOL products with a transparent and traceable sheep-to-garment process set a kind of gold standard for the rest of the fashion industry. WOVEMBER would very much like to see more of the fashion industry embracing a traceable, accountable, sustainable approach to producing 100% WOOL garments, which really are 100% from SHEEP.

In addition to the scarf, Brenda Dayne of Cast On has donated several skeins of 100% WOOL including both handspun and commercially spun skeins in her annual destash! In her latest episode of Cast On – “Dances with Wool” – Brenda mentions WOVEMBER, talks about her annual destashing activities, and invites listeners to write about the first time they knit with 100% WOOL yarn. There are over 100 comments on the podcast, and it is wonderful to read about the various ways in which knitters have come to work with – and love – this unique substance.

Brenda’s 100% WOOL yarns, donated to the WOVEMBER prize-pot!

In other news from the Internet, you might recall that last year we featured the work of artist Caroline, and are happy to direct you to her most recent blog-post, in which she has acquired her own small flock of sheep, taking her adventures with WOOL to a more direct and personal level. We at WOVEMBER cannot wait to see what Caroline does with the wool from her new Shetland x Jacob sheep!

Also, Ravellers in the Trampoliners group are organising WOVEMBER BINGO, in which sheepy words found on the WOVEMBER blog are being organised into a game of bingo for anyone who wants to participate. Rules and details of this game can be found in the Trampoliners group, and you will need to be a member of Ravelry to participate, but if you want to play bingo with the Trampoliners you will have to get in touch swiftly with your “bingo card” as the game begins at 9am tomorrow (Monday) morning.

Thank you so much to everyone who has blogged about WOVEMBER, who has shared the posts and pictures celebrating WOOL that we are collating here, and who is working with WOOL this WOVEMBER. You are helping to make this into a wonderful celebration OF WOOL!

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