We saw in yesterday’s Wovember Words that some wool is recycled, and can therefore not bear the moniker ‘virgin wool’. At the very other end of the spectrum, we can find skin wool, or pulled wool:

“wool obtained before it was shearing time from fellmongers, from sheep slaughtered for mutton, by soaking pelts in water, hanging them in ovens and then pulling the wool or by painting the inside of the pelts with sodium or lime. The latter method of fellmongery produces the so-called ‘slipe-wool’”

– J. Geraint Jenkins – From Fleece to Fabric, The Technological History of the Welsh Woollen Industry, Gomer Press 1981, Llandysul, Dyfed

Needless to say, after going through all these processes to harvest it, this wool is of inferior quality.

Luckily the following cats know a good virgin fleece when they see one!

Picture submitted to Wovember2011 Gallery by Deborah Gray

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