The following excerpt from Elsie Davenport’s Your Handspinning struck a chord with us Wovember folk. It shows just how rich British Wool can be:

“To those outside the world of farming, the extraordinary variety and diversity of the animals and also of the wool they bear comes as a surprising revelation. Sheep from the British Isles alone give us wool which may be coarse or fine, lustrous or dull, crimped or straight, long or short, soft or harsh according not only to breed, but to character of pasture, vagaries of weather, quality of feeding and a dozen other factors. When we find, in addition to all this, that the wool of every individual sheep contains several varieties, we begin to understand that the selection of the right sort of fleece for a particular piece of work is no light matter…”

– Elsie G. Davenport, Your Handspinning, 1971, Select Books, Mountain View, MO, USA.

Photograph submitted to the WOVEMBER2011 Gallery by Joanna Marshall

Fittingly, the next Wovember section will be about Processing Wool, which will be introduced tonight.

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