Diane Falck on Working with Wool…

Continuing on our ‘Working with Wool’ theme, and building on the previous instalments on WOVEMBER from the wonderful Spinning Shepherd AKA Diane Falck, today we have a lovely post on working with four different colours of Ouessant Wool…

June 3, 2012 – Sheep to Sweater Sunday n° 106 : “The Four Colors of Ouessant Wool”

According to the official breed standard as defined by GEMO (the French Ouessant Breed Society), 4 different fleece colors are currently accepted : black, brown, grey …

… and let’s not forget white !

All of these four colors are beautiful.

From these lovely naturally colored fibers, we can spin exceptionally beautiful yarn.

In the upcoming weeks I will be spotlighting four little projects to show you just how beautiful ouessant wool is, in all its colours …

… to be continued …

All content in this post © Diane Falck and used with her kind permission. This post was originally published on the excellent Spinning Shepherd blog here

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