Wovember Words #9

Wovember Words continues with a selection of historical woollen fabric names, all selected by Kate Davies from Florence M Montgomery’s indispensable reference work Textiles in America, 1650-1870 (2007 edn.)

Berlins – torn up knitwear remanufactured into cheap woollen cloths. Similar to ‘shoddy’.

Borsley – plain fabric, woven from combed wool.

Box cloth – coarse woollen cloth used for coach trimmings.

Broad cloth – carded wool woven plainly and fulled after weaving. Woven on looms measuring between 54-63 ins, broad cloth was used to make outer garments.

Bunting – a narrow fabric made of long staple, coarse English wool in an open and plain weave. Used in the eighteenth century, as its modern application might suggest, for ships colours.


Make-shift bunting: photo submitted to Wovember 2011 gallery by Jeni Reid

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