Wovember Words #10

And here are the last Wovember Words from a selection of historical woollen fabric names, all chosen on Kate Davies’s journey through Florence M Montgomery’s Textiles in America, 1650-1870 (2007 edn.)

Calmuc [kalmuck] the name of this loose-twist, fulled and napped wool fabric comes from a breed of sheep native to Central Asia.

Carptmeal  – name of a cheap woolen cloth made in the Lancastrian parish of the same name

Cassimere  – this soft, medium weight twilled woollen cloth was patented by Francis Yerbury of Bradford in 1766. Yerbury’s deft branding suggests that his fabric is similar to cashmere, which was prized in the eighteenth-century for its softness, much as it is today.

Cubica – fine, thin, worsted serge, usually red. Made in Bradford, cubica was used to fashion British coat linings or, when exported to Catholic countries, to make ecclesiastical robes.



A traditional Shetland crofter’s loom, photographed in the Shetland Textile Museum by and © Tom van Deijnen

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