Wovember Words #19

Today’s Wovember Words is very au courant, and we have to thank Stephen West for coming up with the word: SWANTS. Stephen repopularised this concept of repurposing an old sweater into pants: sweaterpants. Swants (for the UK/US language barrier: in US English, pants means trousers and not underwear.)

Swants seem to be very popular amongst the Team Wovember Members, and both Kate and Felix have been busy making themselves a pair of swants. Incidentally, Kate also coined the word SWEEKS in the process: sweaterbreeks (breeks being Scottish for breeches.) Tom is waiting for some quality swantsing time during the coming Christmas holidays.


Felix swantsing in her lounge. Image ©Felicity Ford


Kate is completely swantsed with her new sweeks. Image ©Kate Davies

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