Introducing WOVEMBER 2014

Greetings, Wovemberists!

Some of you may know that two members of TEAM WOVEMBER are in the throes of publishing books. The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook by Felicity Ford and YOKES by Kate Davies are both tomes with high wool content and their fruition brings work which impacts how much time can be devoted to running WOVEMBER this year.


(This handsome Shetland Ram features in the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook!)

Tom is busy with his Visible Mending Programme as well as presenting at this event at Glasgow University… all of which is to say that Wovember 2014 is running with reduced human resources.

However the thought of NOT having Wovember is unthinkable and luckily WOVEMBER 2014 IS GOING TO HAPPEN ANYWAY! The irrepressible and passionate wool advocate behind the Knit British website and podcast – Louise Scollay – has happily joined the team and is working to bring you HIGH WOOL content articles from her desk in Shetland.

Also, Jeni Reid – a superb photographer with a deep affinity for all woolen subjects – has generously curated this year’s new FLEECE IN FOCUS photo series, ensuring that beauteous imagery celebrating the world of wool can be yours to view and admire throughout the month of Wovember. What is beautiful about Jeni’s photos is that they reveal a life steeped in wool. FLEECE IN FOCUS will appear every day at 4pm, just when the afternoon slump is kicking in and amazing WOOLINESS is required.

Here is Jeni Reid in Shetland photographing Ronnie Eunson’s fine Shetland Rams!


Jeni taking photos of…

Ronnie's Rams-1

Ronnie‘s Rams.

In addition, our amazing comrades in WOOL WORLD are donating wool to the prize pot for the annual photo competition, and – as ever – we are encouraging HIGH WOOL CONTENT OUTFITS to be worn and shared online throughout the month.

In terms of this year’s content, the 5-part system which so nicely celebrates the long journey wool takes from the land to the wardrobe will persist in how we tag our posts, but not in how we order them. We are organising all kinds of content from many different contributors and will share our findings as and when we can glean them (like tufts of wool caught on fences) and present them to you (like many handspun yarns.)

Those of you wishing to participate in the annual WOOL-ALONG can do so by checking out the rules here and we are running a photo competition again but, to reduce the administrative burden, are doing so via instagram. You can read all about that here.

In short, WOVEMBER 2014 will be run on coffee, shoestrings and love;
It will be woolly;
It will involve many beautiful words and images celebrating wool’s origins in particular landscapes and cultures;
We will all wear wool;
There will be no acrylic polyester imposter fabrics pretending to be wool;
And you are all warmly invited to participate.



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15 thoughts on “Introducing WOVEMBER 2014

  1. I look forward to Wovember every year and really enjoy all the information and stories and general wool stuff with all the beautiful sheep. What is the woven twill fabric showing on this page? Lovely!

    • So happy you are excited for Wovember! The new background was from a huge pile of random woven textiles on sale one day in 2012 at my local guild. I am so sorry not to have more info on it, but it was made locally to me and is quite scratchy!

  2. Can’t stop to think…….the Knitsonik resource book has sent me into a complete tizzy, looking at every thing in my life in such a new way! Brilliant book, Felicity and I highly recommend it to all! Now to await Yokes……. Happy Wovember everyone from Eskdale in Cumbria

  3. Your Wovember posts are such a joy in the 11th month. Let’s knit, s’more. And P.S. Thanks for the reference to KnitBrit. Am always interested in any leads to podcasts about knitting and its many offshoots. Happy Wovember!

  4. I will be ‘waving the flag’ for weaving in wool for Wovember .. just started sampling for flooring weight cloth using Knoll’s Ecology Welsh Black Blend and Icelandic 2-ply (given to me by an Icelandic weaver).

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