Fruitcake from Felix

One key aim for the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook by TEAM WOVEMBER Member, Felicity Ford AKA Felix, was to find a way of upping the wool-content of fruitcake. A 100% wool stranded colourwork swatch worked in Shetland Wool was the result of many months of baking cakes and then knitting them, and the fruits of this labour (ahem) can be seen in the book…


‘Fruitcake from Felix. I sneaked into Felix’s workshop in Shetland and took some pictures of her swatches. Apparently this swatch is the result of many months of careful fruitcake consumption. The dedication obviously paid off!’ – Jeni Reid

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7 thoughts on “Fruitcake from Felix

  1. I can vouch for the yumminess of Felix’s Fruitcake recipe. Had it for breakfast today! Colorwork inspiration and a great recipe- How can you go wrong!

    • WOOHOO! This has made my day, I believe you are the first person apart from me to have made my cake recipe and I am delighted that you found it tasty. I must tell you that when I saw the photo of the apricots and raisins you put on instagram I thought at first it was some kind of glorious orange and brown POM POM! Hurrah for cake and wool and colour and friends. x

  2. That is a great swatch and although I have not had your fruitcake……….I love mine and NO ‘poison bird berries’ either…that would be maraschino cherries…….arghhhh

  3. I Love, love, love this swatch! I may have to copy it. The book is on my Christmas list…. but where do I get the cake recipe? ;-))

  4. Still thinking about fruitcake…. i love this recipe because it doesn’t include those weird candied fruits (my Mom uses) There are cherries, but i found the proportion perfect. Not to mention the cake has wonderful flavor and is in good proportion to the fruit. I have wanted to like fruitcake my whole life because it seems so important to my Mom. I can now say I like it- just not her recipe- but Felix’s. happy Eating!

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