What a waste


‘In the far north west of mainland Scotland is a tiny place called Stoer. This is a brown cheviot fleece that I was given when I happened to walk past the shearers as they worked. The white fleeces all go to the Wool Board and coloured fleeces are generally discarded. What a waste.’

This entry was posted by Felicity Ford.

7 thoughts on “What a waste

  1. The Wool Board don’t pay as much for the coloured fibres, but they do pay for them, so I’ve always been bemused by stories such as this. However, I’ve now discovered that the problem is that the fibres mingle with the white fleece fibres in the wool sack, devaluing the white fleece. All farmers need to do is put the coloured fleeces in a sheet or sack of their own, keeping the white and coloured fibres separate. According to the wool grader who told me this, it’s okay to put a sack containing coloured fleeces inside a sheet containing white fleeces; just make mention of it on the label and be sure that the coloured fibres don’t contaminate the white.

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