it’s never too early to cultivate a love of wool

Given our earlier nursery rhyme themed WOVEMBER words and ahead of our Friday Night Vi-EWE-ing tonight, aimed at the next generation of wool lovers, Louise thought it might be apt to share with you a great wool educational resource designed for children.

british wool learning resource

The British Wool Learning resource has been created by the British Wool Marketing Board. It is curriculum linked and the site is available for teachers, parents and club or organisation leaders to inform school-aged children about the story of wool – from farm to product!

There is a phenomenal amount of information on here; lesson ideas, worksheets, sheep breed and wool processing fact sheets as well as  games and crafts. Created as a response to the overwhelming amount of interest from schools this website and developed with teachers this is an invaluable teaching tool.

more bwmb

Just a very small selection of the worksheets and games available


“The topic of farms, sheep and wool will encourage children to think more carefully about where every day items come from and to increase understanding of the importance of local and national produce. Skills will be transferred across their learning and allied to everyday life. Project based material helps to engage pupils in their learning and provides teachers with a basis from which to teach any subject and to link into a variety of curriculum areas.

We hope you find the information and resources on this website valuable to your teaching, but most of all we hope that you and the pupils you teach enjoy them.”~  British Wool Marketing Board.

The resources are spilt into three main categories – Early Years, Age 5-7 and Age 7-11 and covers numeracy, literacy, science and art & design. Everything is fully interactive so that the information can be viewed on all devices, including tablets and whiteboards.

If you are a parent, educator or community club leader please do take a look at this fascinating website. I think it will help to cultivate the next generation of wool lovers!

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2 thoughts on “it’s never too early to cultivate a love of wool

  1. That is great. We/children are so far removed from where things come from…….makes me crazy. when I am spinning at a fair some ask me if I am weaving…………………gack

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