I love it still


‘One of my first handspun projects made from merino tops and spun on a drop spindle. This is a wrap knitted in a slip stitch pattern to show off the changes in the colours. I was aiming for something which looked like Noro yarn. It took forever to make and I love it still.’ – Jeni Reid

This concludes the FLEECE IN FOCUS series from guest contributor, Jeni Reid. We love the sense of a life steeped in wool and the play and compassion which define Jeni’s photographic style. Thanks for adding these wondrous daily WOOL boosters to the WOVEMBER 2014 festivities, Jeni and please keep sending us your amazing photos of wool. They are wonderful reminders of all the different ways in which this peerless textile can play a part in daily life.

This entry was posted by Felicity Ford.

4 thoughts on “I love it still

  1. I still have a set of hat, scarf and gloves (with fingers!) that my grandmother made me when I was young! I’m sure I got my love if knitting from her! I, too, have enjoyed WOVEMBER this year! Very educational and loved all the pics and links!!!

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