Daily Photo Series: Ryeland Sheep and Lambs 1

The magnificent Jeni Reid

The magnificent Jeni Reid

If you have been at any woolly events this year, you may have spotted Jeni Reid and her camera. Jeni has a really sensitive eye and a true talent for capturing the very soul of wool. We are thrilled to share some of what she and her lens have seen this past year in the form of a specially curated series of photos… and we kick off the GROWING WOOL phase of WOVEMBER with Ryeland Sheep and Lambs. Tune in daily at 3pm for joyous photographic installments of WOOLLY GOODNESS. Thank You, Jeni Reid!

Rosemary Champion, better known online as The Accidental Smallholder and as part of the team who run the Scottish Smallholder and Growers Festival lives a few miles away from me in the county of Angus. This spring I donned my waterproof trousers and spent a brilliant morning hanging out in a muddy field with her Ryeland flock, photographing the ewes and this years’ lambs.

rye (1)

This wee fellow was in a barn with his mother who was not doing well post-delivery. Thankfully both recovered and prospered.

photo and text © Jeni Reid and used here with kind permission.
You can read Rosemary Champion’s amazing articles on WOOL here and you can see Jeni’s photos by following her on instagram here

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6 thoughts on “Daily Photo Series: Ryeland Sheep and Lambs 1

  1. I know that all lamb birthing stories don’t have happy endings, but thanks for informing us of the happy result in this instance with this little fellow and his mum.

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