Photo Gallery Roundup #2

We can’t tell you how thrilling it is to see your photographic contributions to our contest over at Instagram. The amount of images being posted also makes us just a little glad that we decided to have a weekly roundup post, rather than uploading EVERY image manually to our website!

Do not forget that if you use the hashtag #WOVEMBER2015 when you post on Instagram then you are automatically entered into our photograph contest! 

Today’s gallery was chosen by Louise. 

I love seeing people posting their balls of yarn before they cast on – it’s like giving us a glimpse of their potential!

Ysolda’s picture embodies two things I love. One is wool (naturally!) and the second is describing words for wool – Fresh crunchy snow is a delightful new term for wool for me, yet SO fitting!

Wooly folk! I have a situation here. This is the sheepskin of one of the wethers we brought home with us early this summer. While the hide was removed yesterday evening and is in good condition, and tanning skins is on the short-list of things I do want to learn to do someday, honestly, I'm just not there yet, and soon there will be no room in the freezers to hold any hides over. I could always give the hide away to a friend who has taken some of our others, and she's done lovely work with them in the past. The other option is to harvest the fiber by either cutting, shearing, or possibly just pulling the fiber from the skin as I did with these few locks here. This sheep was of somewhat mysterious and varied breeding origin (from higher to lower proportions): Romney, Corriedale, CVM, Romeldale, and possibly Merino. His fiber has a nice, wider crimp, is on the softer end of the spectrum, and will wash out to a very pure white. I cannot bear to see it go wasted. Any thoughts? #sheepskin #braintanning #wool #wovember #wovember2015 #neveradaynottouchingwool

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The fleece may have come from a sheep from “Mysterious and varied breeding origin” but what a fleece it is and what a beautiful image, KnittingIris

What an incredible find and what wondrous colours in 100% wool to cut a dash through the gloom of the season

There is so much to love in this picture – the sock-in-progress being tried on that lovely chubby foot and the young wool lover….stuffing those wonderfully woolly textures straight into her face, to smell, to taste and to truly savour!

I am very drawn to natural colours at the moment and I feel like you can almost reach in and smoosh those creamy yarns, shown in the colours that the sheep intended!

#wool #sheep #lamb #shearing #slideshow #wovember2015

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#wool #sheep #shearing #clublambs #wovember2015

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The Gyspy Shearer’s pictures of our sheepy friends are so lovely. What a blue sky too!

This Border Leicester, in Ohio, looks so very friendly. Later this week you will meet Border Leicesters from the UK in piece on the Doulton Flock.

I am signing off this week’s roundup with another swathe of incredible colours.

Whatever it’s form – from sheep, to fibre, to yarn, to hand-made item – There really is no substitute for wool!

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