Daily Photo: Making 6

Part of the Daily Photo series of photos taken and curated by Jeni Reid especially for WOVEMBER, this photo is part of a series documenting beautiful things Jeni Reid has made with WOOL in celebration of for the WORKING WITH WOOL phase of WOVEMBER.

This is from a selection of my own woolly endeavours. Some knitted, some spun, some a bit of both.


Mitts. This is a pattern called Weeds by Lynn Manderville, aka Fidlstix. I was lucky enough to be a test-knitter for the pattern and even luckier to be in Shetland when I ran out of yarn. Jamieson and Smith came to the rescue and the mitts were finished. Modelled here by the hands of Felix. It’s fair to say that she didn’t want to give them back.

photo and text © Jeni Reid and used here with kind permission.
You can see Jeni’s photos by following her on instagram here

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Making 6

  1. Such a treat to see this! Thank you for sharing your many talents Jeni! (Have to say I have serious legwarmer and vest envy Felix)

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