We thought it was about time we shared with you the prizes up for grabs for this year’s Wovember contests. We shall be allocating prizes when we do the draw in a couple of weeks, but please do have a browse at these incredible prizes and our generous prize givers



Sue Blacker wrote last month about her favourite single breed yarns and has donated the breed wools she mentioned. These are Gotland, Jacobs, Welsh Mule, North Ronaldsay, Black Welsh Mountain, Wensleydale and Cotswold! Plenty for swatching or even starting your own breed blanket.




WooCh banner V2 (2)

Woolly Chic is Helen Ingram who this year has launched her Pembrokeshire Wool, from her family’s flock of Dorset and Ryeland sheep. The yarn is a fine, dense, springy yarn with a lovely rustic handle.  This prize contains 100g of the undyed yarn and two 25g cakes of dyed yarn.




Julia Billings has donated one of her incredible 100% wool cowls as a prize this Wovember. The cowls are a double-layer, colourwork neckwarmer to keep out the wind and cold. Made from 100% lambswool, her cowls are made on a vintage, hand-operated knitting machine. Team Wovember can vouch for the coziness of the cowls and we love her designs.

100% wool cowl by Woollenflower (design for illustration The design will be chosen after the draw)

100% wool cowl by Woollenflower (design for illustration – winner chooses the colour and pattern!)

Jules has also offered a skein of grey Polwarth DK yarn from Tarndie – please read her incredible post about the Tarndie Polwarths.

Tarndie yarns in natural white, silver and brown

Tarndie yarns in natural white, silver and brown



Earlier in Wovember you heard from Ellie Stokeld, who keeps the Doulton Flock of Border Leicesters. This year Ellie launched her first flock yarn and has offered us a skein as a prize. You will receive one skein of one of the above colours.




We have a really special prize which totally and utterly celebrates 100% WOOL and the work that goes into creating our beloved wool products. From our very good friends at Real Shetland and Jamieson and Smith TWO lucky winners will receive a tour of the Haworth Scouring from Martin and Adam Curtis. The winners of this special prize need to be able to make their own way to Bradford (on a date yet to be chosen in 2016) and Felix and Louise will be accompanying you on the tour.

Kate has written on her own blog about visiting the Scouring, in Bradford, and more recently about Adam Curtis and how he helped her create Buachaille. This really is a tremendous prize and an fascinating insight into the world of wool.

We are so very thankful to Real Shetland, Jamieson and Smith and ALL of our incredibly generous prize-givers

TEAM WOVEMBER will be back in a couple of weeks when we will be announcing the prize winners of the Wovember WAL and photo contest. We shall also be writing one or two reflective posts on WOVEMBER too.






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  1. A wonderful array of prizes! Thank you again -Wovember Team- for treating all your followers to a Wovember filled with eye candy, education, vendors, mills and so many wonderful woolly things!

  2. Thank you so much for Wovember, I have enjoyed reading your ariticles and learnt so much. I am a newish spinner and as a direct result of a trip to Orkney and subsequent membership of our local guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers we have acquired 6 rare breed sheep; Bram, Beth, Clover, Clara, Drummond and Daphne. They are North Ronaldsays, who are a joy and bring a smile to my face every day. We hope to have lambs in the spring for the first time and it has been a very steep learning curve already as we have never had livestock before.
    Their fleece has been very challenging and exciting to spin as it is double coated; we have many hats and scarves in cream, apricot and grey. The next challenge is to spin a whole fleece (not very large) but may be something new to wear. Please continue to promote British fleece it is wonderful, diverse and part of our great wool heritage. Lets keep the skills and knowledge alive for future generations.

  3. Wovember was so completely brilliant, it coincided with me really properly learning to knit and managing to knit a shawl (which I’ve got to un-ravel as the gauge is all wrong but anyway, just knowing I knit it is a pretty fantastic feeling…) reading about the different farmers and all the wonderful things going on with wool just lit such a flame in my heart….the articles have all been interesting to read and is such a resource for learnign about all the stages of wool from shearing the fleece on the sheep to holding a ball of something melon ripe feeling and warmly sheepily scented…..and reading the comments have been nice too, Chris’s above a case in point…..your prizes are so good and I wish so much I had Instagram…next year I’m hoping to show you a picture of me in my re-knitted shawl.
    Thank you all for bringing together such a wonderful celebration of something that deserves to be shouted about…..

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