Sounds of Wool

As WOVEMBER explained in this post, this year, WOVEMBER will feature many SONIK treats from sound artist, wool enthusiast, and team-Wovember member, Felicity Ford! There may also be guest/surprise SONIK treats from other woolly contributors… stay tuned and check back here, throughout WOVEMBER!

A feature originally produced for The Hub, Oxford’s Cultural Magazine show, for radio broadcast on BBC Oxford, this small radio feature by Felicity Ford features Felicity in conversation with Richard Martin, proprietor of Cotswold Woollen Weavers.

A poem by Richard’s mother about the wear and tear that young boys wreak on their clothes! Richard is the brother of Jim, who is shepherd to one of the flocks that Laura Rosenzweig gets wool from for her wonderful, locally produced textiles. This is a lovely poem about clothes and how much we trash them in the business of living, and what work is needed to keep them in good condition!

A poem by Richard about Sedburgh. Sedburgh is the place where Richard is from, also local to Laura Rosenzweig of Laura’s Loom. Richard is also the brother of Jim, who is shepherd to one of the flocks that Laura gets wool from for her wonderful, locally produced textiles.

The Shepherding Year, explained by Margaret Black: this is a lovely conversation between Felicity Ford and Margaret Black atop a lovely field in Cumbria, surrounded by friendly Rough Fells. Margaret explains the shepherding year.

The Sounds of Wool: this was produced for Brenda Dayne’s Cast On podcast, during WOVEMBER 2011. The release that we produced together, and which is referred to throughout this piece, is A Knitter’s Manifesto.

Hûrd – A KNITSONIK™ PRODUKTION: this is the audio that was produced to play through the knitted speakers, knitted in Cumbrian wool by Felicity Ford for the Wonder of Wool exhibition at Rheged, in January 2012.

Laura’s Loom: this is Laura Rosenzweig talking about Laura’s Loom – a business set up to weave gorgeous woollen textiles from local wool, in Cumbria! This year all of the WOVEMBER woollen brooches are covered in Laura’s Loom 100% WOOL textiles.

Baa-tone: this file may be downloaded as an mp3 and installed on your mobile phone as a ringtone, reminding you and everyone around you of The Source of Wool, throughout Wovember. If you have an iPhone, you won’t be able to use this file, but can instead download this file, which Susan and Gavin Crawford helpfully converted for your listening pleasure!

11 thoughts on “Sounds of Wool

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    • You can’t download directly onto your iPhone; you’ll need to download the file onto your computer, then sync your iPod with your computer. If you follow the link provided to the iPhone ringtone format kindly provided by Gavin and Susan Crawford, (not the soundcloud file) you should be able to save the file to your computer and then drag it across to your iPhone. The reason this is so complicated is because it is very difficult to provide free ringtones for iPhones. Sorry for the faff, but I believe it is worth going through the hassle to avoid charging people to use the ringtone!

      • I did it the way you explained it… But itunes (is there a difference to the german version???) does not want baaas on my iphone. Itunes still says, the file is too big. I also tried to drag the file to “music”, but it doesn’t work either.

    • See if you can find a free down load program for extracting sounds, in Canada I used one called AoA Audio Extractor Platinum, so far I’m using a trial version without having to pay yet, but you can extract just a portion of the Baa sounds for your ring ton that will be shorter and your phone should be able to manage. Good luck. Kerry

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