Our wonderful WOVEMBER Photo Competition is back for 2015.

We love nothing more than seeing your woolly photo entries throughout the month of WOVEMBER and all the ways that you are appreciating and celebrating wool – be it showing off woollen object, working with wool, wearing wool, processing wool, shearing wool… the list goes on.

Here are some past entrants into our photo competition to whet your woolly appetite!

This year it couldn’t be easier to enter the competition. Just use the hashtag #WOVEMBER2015 when you post your image on Instagram. Anyone using that hashtag on Instagram gets automatic entry.

Unfortunately it has become increasingly difficult to show all the images entered here on WOVEMBER because of the time involved in individually sorting, resizing and captioning them and for this reason we will not be accepting entries by email or other formats this year. We feel that time faffing around with our computers trying to get images resized would be far better spent sourcing quality content and joining in with the online fun! HOWEVER, each Sunday evening, Felix or Louise will curate a wondrous post containing selected entries. If your image doesn’t appear in these weekly roundups DO NOT WORRY; you have still been entered into the competition.

You can see all the entries by searching on instagram for the tag #WOVEMBER2015 and that is where we shall be drawing winners from. If you do not use instagram on your smartphone but wish to see all the entries to the competition, you can see them all here and there is nothing stopping you from finding a buddy who uses instagram and having them upload your image for you – just make it clear in the caption who took the picture.

There shall be prizes and they shall be of the woolly variety and we shall reveal all soon! WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ON INSTAGRAM THIS WOVEMBER!

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