The annual WOVEMBER WAL has returned!


What is a WAL, you ask? Good question! It is a WOOL-ALONG.

To participate in this wool-along you could…

Knit something in 100% WOOL yarn
Crochet something in 100% WOOL yarn
Sew something in 100% WOOL cloth
Weave something in 100% WOOL yarns
Felt something in 100% WOOL yarns
Complete a personal spinning challenge using 100% WOOL fibres
Come up with ingenious other WOOL based making activities

Participating in the WAL in your own unique way means that we are all truly celebrating the versatility and diversity of wool.

We will once again have three prizes…
The Golden Fleece Award
The Sheepy Rainbow Award
The Ewe-sain Bolt Award

The Golden Fleece Award will be bestowed on the sheepiest project – i.e. the project that from materials through to concept, most thoroughly celebrates the inspirational and material qualities of THE SHEEP

The Sheepy Rainbow Award will be bestowed on the project which most creatively exploits the palette of colours provided by natural sheeps’ wool shades

The Ewe-sain Bolt Award will be awarded to the crafter with the fastest fingers, i.e. to the greatest technical feat of WOOLWORK completed during the WAL.

To give you some encouragement and inspiration here are last years winning entries.

Prizes will be small and woolly, as per usual, but this year there is going to be an additionally extra-specially-unbelievably-wonderful prize. We cannot divulge what it is yet, but it is an incredible donation of the utmost woolly kind (no, it is not a sheep).

In order to be in with a chance of winning, please post an image of your FINISHED WAL item on Instagram, Ravelry or Twitter. Include a simple description of the project for context, and use the hashtag #WOVEMBERWAL. There is a special thread on the Ravelry WOVEMBER group board in which you can post links to projects. We would really like to encourage using these platforms for the WAL rather than submitting entries by email because it contributes to the online buzz around Wovember and cuts out administrative work for the TEAM.

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